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Datalink Technologies is an Australian owned and operated provider of asset management, radio communications and GPS tracking solutions to customers throughout Australia. With a strong reputation for customer service and innovative hardware and software solutions, Datalink is at the forefront of asset management technology. Datalink’s solutions cater to a range of industries, including logistics, hospitals, schools, councils, agriculture, mining, fleet management and the
services sector.

With a small core team of technical sales and support staff, the business had experienced sales growth but lacked insight into the underlying financial performance of the business.

sansdesk has given us a comprehensive and professional solution that was able to be achieved with no disruption to staff and customers.
Steven Lelli

The Problem

Datalink’s management identified that sales growth was not manifesting itself in the cash flow that was expected. In seeking the financial insight required to address this issue, management found legacy accounting systems and processes to be a barrier to extracting timely and meaningful financial information.

From a systems perspective, Datalink relied on a desktop accounting system and spreadsheet-based
invoice tracking. From a resourcing perspective, finance was the domain of administrative staff that
were employed to assist with basic accounting tasks.
Datalink’s management recognised a need to transform the finance function, without a permanent
uplift in the cost structure of the business.


How We Helped

We set about undertaking a review of Datalink’s existing finance process and provided a framework to overcome the existing barriers.

Our qualified team of accountants took ownership over Datalink’s accounts email and began transitioning the business to a cloud-based accounting system. This involved reconciliation of existing balances with customers and suppliers to provide management with the surety that future cash flow estimates were based on accurate information.
The cloud-based accounting system provided transparency to management and staff, allowing us to work together with all stakeholders and ensure that up to date financial information was readily accessible to key decision makers.

Post implementation, we continued to find efficiencies to aid in business performance and cash flow. We identified the time taken in debtor collection could be minimised by offering customers a direct debit option that is seamlessly integrated with Datalink’s accounting system.

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