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Proud Mary is a café and speciality coffee roaster, educator and supplier founded in Collingwood, Melbourne. The founders built and grew Proud Mary’s Collingwood café into a local institution, while investing in a crop to cup supply chain that respected the beans, their growers and their customers.

Having witnessed the Melbourne coffee scene mature to the point of saturation, the founders looked overseas for their next business move. They chose to establish an outpost of Proud Mary in Portland Oregon, bringing the same product, energy and culture that established their Collingwood café, to the US market.

We found Wei and Sansdesk team a dream to work with, they truly cared and took the time to understand our needs.
Amy Davis

The Problem

With a successful Australian business built over a number of years, the founders had a business structure that made sense for them, while they were based in Australia. 

With the decision to relocate permanently to the USA to establish their new café in Portland, the founders needed a structure that allowed them to operate and grow their business in the US, while retaining ownership of their Australian business interests.

How We Helped

We conducted an assessment of the founders’ existing business structure, including the functions performed by the various operating and holding entities. We also analysed the preferred entity structure for their US operations and the tax implications to the founders of moving to the USA permanently.

We proposed a new structure suited to the next phase of their business, taking into account both tax and commercial outcomes. These included:

We established an implementation step plan and worked with Proud Mary’s lawyers to document the restructure. 

The end result was an optimised business structure, robust enough to support a thriving business in both Australia and the USA.


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