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While innovative products, sought after brands and an effective sales strategy remain at the core of a successful distribution business, the ability to execute on sourcing and fulfilment is what sets it apart. 

As global markets continue to be impacted by trade tensions, moderated consumer spending and increasing regulatory compliance, distribution margins can quickly be eroded. 

We can help you protect the margins of your distribution business in the following ways:

Our Focus – Internal Distribution Structures For Global Brands

We specialise in setting up robust internal distribution structures and sales offices for global manufacturers and brands. 

Sales to international buyers can necessitate the need to register a foreign subsidiary company or branch office. This can be due to logistics, in situations where the sale terms require the supplier to ‘land’ the goods in the country where the customer is located. It can also be due to the need to invoice from a local company, obtain trade finance or employ local staff.

We can help you evaluate compliance requirements promptly with respect to international sales opportunities. If required, we can move to quickly and cost effectively incorporate entities, put in place inter-company agreements, establish pricing structures, and organise necessary tax and employment registrations.

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